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Walk fearless.

You remember that person who hurted you?

Remember that person you once trusted ?

one day .. He will fall to his knees and no one will help him

he will be in pain and no one will feel him

one day he will cry and no one will be there for him but fake people

one day he will say GOD what did i do wrong to you!!! Why youre treating me bad and GOD won’t hear

that day will come.

walk fearless and trust that GOD will avenge .


Glass or heart?

Heavy glass i couldn’t hold,
My favorite masterpiece.
Glass made with pressure
And with pressure my hands glass broke.
Soul flowed with my river blood.
Crystal pieces, his fragile heart.
And like a murder, evidence in palm,
I once held a strong body.

<inspired from : all men with strong bodies and fragile hearts>


I want to read
Read and read
lose my eyes in the lines
Jump from a letter to another
And fall in space between

A journey with a stranger

I still remember the day I put on my strong makeup, wore a pair of ripped black jean, string up some chains on my neck, and waited hours to go participate at my friend’s photo-shoot project.
Hours passed, waiting someone to pick me up from my home and drive me to the mysterious place. My bold lipstick started to fade, I didn’t have the intense interest to move some ass anymore.
Headlights flashed on a newly tarred road. And with a slow motion scene, I stepped out of my sister’s car, flipped my hair and joined a bunch of people I wonder who they are.
So now imagine you’re in a dream, where strange sequences happen, and with a stranger I don’t know I had moments of silence. I was no longer that funny girl who gets in the zone, the girl who kicks bad jokes and still looking like an angel. I wanted to be silent, I wanted to just look at this creature because it left me with no words.
I’m home. No wait we’re both home. (Okay, cause we invited the group home)
-What?! I held his hand?!!!!
-the stranger.
As he left, and with a temporary goodbye, he texted me. (Yay right). I wasn’t ready for the whole thing but I wanted the whole thing
-how did u feel for a stranger, u don’t know him!
– He. Him. His smile. His eyes. His soul. He’s a kid. I want to give him a lollipop. I want to play kids games with him. I want him to play with my PRECIOUS (GET YOUR HANDS OFF) hair. I want to laugh with him till I sense pain in my lounges! YEP THE STRANGER
-what about your 3 years love life?
– *shows middle finger*
I played the next sequence of the dream:
We dated. 2 3 weeks and we dated. and after 2 3 chilled weeks I wanted him to get to know me for me , who I really was . I didn’t have the opportunity to show him how funny and crazy I am I wanted to show him my happy face I wanted him to be happy I wanted him to feel proud of his girl I wanted him to feel great. I’m not that kind of girl that do problems every time he did something wrong u know it is his life he can do what he wants when he wants. But he didn’t give me time for it. And it kills me, so i woke up from this strange dream.
The stranger is no longer in reality. But in reality, my dear reader, I want a whole journey with the stranger. Me Him. Two strangers and a love story.

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